What a day!  The weather for the 2018 Bob Downs was just spectacular!  We had to stay on cart paths due to heavy rains over the weekend but May 7 was sun-kissed!  A full field of 120 golfers enjoyed a beautiful day of golf, great food and an inspiring message from Upward Sports founder, Caz McCaslin.

It will be a few more days before we know the total amount raised for Habitat for Humanity but we will post the amount here as soon as we know.  In the meantime, thanks go to all  who played, bid on auction items, bought mulligans and helped sponsor the Classic!

2018 Winners!

1st Place – 53
Gary Jenkins, Clayton Brown, Steven Klein, Kevin Klein
2nd Place – 61
Ben Talbott, John Talbott, Brandon Jaggers, Kurt Hummel

1st Place – 64
Ron Stambaugh, David Griffith, Dave Watkins, Danny Watkins
2nd Place – 65
Barry Rodgers, Doug Smith, Glen Torstrick, Jim Chancellor

1st Place – 69
Rob Lyons, Bobby Lyons, Mike Rhodes, Brian Rhodes
2nd Place – 70
Richard Flowers, Bill Wallen, John Smith, Rich Houz

#2 – Steven Klein (1’6″)
#6 – Ron Stambaugh (5’8″)
#15 – Russ Johnson
#17 – Charlie Ray Montgomery (4’9″)
#18 – Kevin Woodward (longest putt)

2018 Champions!

Congratulations to Gary Jenkins, Clayton Brown, Steven Klein and Kevin Klein– our 2018 overall winners!  This team shot a 19 under 53!

Thank you, sponsors!

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